For quite some time, every Tom, Dick and Harry in and around the White House in Washington DC, 10 Downing Street in London and elsewhere in different parts of the globe have themselves assumed the duty of passing sweeping statements against Pakistan and its security. Some irking statements are being reproduced here which forced this scribe to express the sentiments on behalf of the millions of fellow countrymen. The US president said: " The Pakistan government is fragile and do not rule out US intervention if nukes are under threat. The US vice-president describes Pakistan as a "badly-fractured country" and advises Islamabad not to view India as an enemy. "Next two weeks are critical to determining whether the Pakistani government will survive," adding that "the Pakistanis have run out of excuses," Commander USA Central Command. "Al-Qaeda remained the greatest terrorist threat to the West as it uses Pakistan bases to rebuild some of the capabilities it had before September 11, 2001," the US State Department Annual Report on the War on Terror. These are just some of the statements being made virtually daily by Pakistan's friends, allies and well wishers. USA concern for Pakistan has increased immensely since May 1998 when Islamabad undertook the nuclear tests thus becoming the first Muslim country to possess the nukes. It is quite obvious that Washington is more keen to take over control of the nuclear assets rather than security and integrity of Pakistan itself. These allies and friends of Pakistan are afraid of India as they have never dared to condemn the Indian Army's atrocities in the IHK in order to curb the Kashmiri struggle for freedom. It is important that the president and prime minister should listen to their own people instead of these aliens and must rely on own resources reducing the dependence on the foreign aid and assistance along with long list of conditionalities. The writer is a freelance columnist.