Ali Tariq in his letter to The Nation (April 15) says, "Bhutto laid down the basic infrastructure for developing an industrial base". How wrong can one be. It was actually Ayub Khan who laid down the basic infrastructure for developing an industrial base. Bhutto with his wrong-headed nationalization policy ruined Pakistan's prospects for becoming an industrialized nation. Even his Finance Minister, Dr Mobashir Hasan, was very critical of the way industry had been nationalized. In an 18 page letter, he had warned against increasing state-control of the economy welcome as it seemed at first sight, because it was not without its own perils. He wrote, "The intervention by the state to avert a collapse of a particular channel of production and distribution is to be welcomed only when the management is transferred in good hands and the management policies are sound. But in the existing situation, leaving the machinery of state in control of those having personal interests in conflict with the rest of the society, and who are inefficient and corrupt besides, would neither help avert a collapse nor strengthen the government. In fact, it would make the situation worse. It is a sure invitation to military intervention and disaster". Surely Dr Mobashir Hasan knew what he was talking about -KHURSHID ANWER, Lahore, via e-mail, April 15.