KARACHI - Poverty has a cruel face which feels even more cruel as economic impediments are a common scene in a developing country. It came to light the other day when a tale of sorrow and neglect was told by a eight-year-old 'D, son of 'N, who recovered the other day. According to the boy, he was sold by his parents for Rs30,000 to one Taous Khan. Similarly, he feared his other siblings were being maltreated by his parents and most of them had been sold due to poverty. When the parents were caught by the Madadgar Helpline, the mother 'Z confessed that due to alarming rise in poverty last year she sold her four young minor children which include 10-year-old 'K, 5-year-old 'S and 3-year-old 'H along with the 'D; to different people. However, she is in search of another customer for her another young daughter 'S. In the jurisdiction of Police Station Zaman Town, where the incident occurred, Madadgar team appealed to Inspector Mumtaz to look into the matter and the team even contacted DIG East Zafar Abbas Bukhari for the recovery of the minors, in this particular case. Advocate Zia Awan condemned this indelible act. He demanded recovery of the minor children but appreciated the role of UC Nizam towards safeguarding the minor 'Ds right. He even demanded for the legislation in the laws of internal human trafficking and its implementation by the government as well.