WASHINGTON (Agencies) - President Asif Ali Zardari said Tuesday that a violent insurgency posted a threat to him personally but not to the survival of his government. Theyre not threats to my government. They are threats to my security, Zardari told CNN in Washington on the eve of a three-way summit with US President Barack Obama and Afghan President Hamid Karzai on Wednesday (today). Swat and Buner had been cleared of Taliban militants, he maintained. He further said Taliban militants - a cause of growing concern in Washington - were linked to tribal dynamics and had been in Pakistan historically. My government is not going to fall when one mountain is taken by one group or the other, Zardari said. He also said Pakistans nuclear arsenal was safe. They are in safe hands, Zardari said. We have a 700,000 (troop) army - how can they take over? He said he wanted peace with India and hoped for new dialogue after his countrys historic rival completes national elections. Responding to a question, he said Pakistanis had rejected Taliban and chosen democracy in elections. "We want help in war on terror and not American troops," he maintained. Zardari said there were no sympathisers for Taliban and Al-Qaeda in Pakistani Army and ISI.