President Asif Ali Zardari has said the Pakistans nuclear arsenal are in safe hands and ruled out threats posed by the militants to the nukes of Pakistan as long as the militarys existence. Zardari said this during an interview with a US television channel here on Wednesday. States supremo denied the reports over the existence of supporters of Al-Qaeda and Taliban among the ranks of Pakistan army and added, My life could possibly be under the threats of Taliban but the government of Pakistan is safe and sound. The people of Pakistan have spoken through election opting our democratic government while, at the same time, they have simply rejected Talibanization, Asif Ali Zardari made clear and maintained; We have completely uprooted Taliban from Buner and Swat. President asked for more US aid to win terror war and excused US offer of sending its troops in Pakistan to curb militancy. Zardari hinted at formation of peaceful and strengthened ties with new Indian government to be setup after countrys general elections. Our democratically elected government has left Musharrafs eight-year long era way behind in terms of reforms, President Asif Ali Zardari added.