President Asif Ali Zardari has asked the United States to provide drone technology and other necessary equipment to help Pakistan fight terrorists more effectively, report said. I need drones to be part of my arsenal. I need that facility. I need that equipment. I need that to be my police arrangement," Zardari told this while giving an interview to a US news agency Wednesday, ahead of his bilateral talks with the U.S. President Barack Obama and a tripartite summit also engaging Afghanistan. The President said the request to provide modern equipment and technology to Pakistan has already been made to the Obama administration. "We're still in dialogue. They haven't disagreed, but they haven't agreed, the President added. "I will request this from the United States to give it a thought that if we own them, then we take out our targets rather than somebody else coming and doing it for us, he emphasized, rejecting the notion that American personnel are joining the anti-terror fight on Pakistani soil.