This is in response to a recent report of a teenage boy being stabbed to death by his friends over a verbal volley. You might dismiss this as the odd incident that happens every now and then due to pervertion of corrupted minds, but this is manslaughter, diabolic and gruesome as the ones you see in those spine-chilling horror movies. This is an example of how the life today undermines the moral fabric of society. We should rear our children on the values of our society rather than on an alien culture that makes them lose the traits of love, kindness and patience. This incident is not the first and it shall not be the last. The kind of people who are ruling us are the typical example of the culture of violence and corruption that has come in our society from abroad. The kind of police we have deserves to be treated the way it was by the public in Karachi the other day. In a country where rulers mourn deaths of people like Rehman Dakait and Tipu Truckanwala, what else can you expect? Arent we fast moving towards becoming a totally lawless society? Arent we moving fast towards a situation where people would grab the rulers by their necks. Let us see how many of them can escape from that end. Can someone name a single person in the parliament who is not a criminal? -BADIUZZAMAN KHAN, Chakwal, May 5.