A concerted effort is now under way in Pakistan to start military operation in North Waziristan. This is the subtext of General Petraeus visit to Pakistan in which he has tried to exert pressure on the civilian and military leadership to start military operation in North Waziristan and for Pakistan to get involved in the Afghan war in Kandhar. But extending the war into these areas would act as a catalyst destruction. It would unleash mayhem, bomb explosions, terrorist attacks, etc. In these circumstances, if another terrorist attack takes place on India and is followed by India committing some sort of aggression against Pakistan, the Pakistan Army would be found bogged down in Balochistan, FATA and the Khyber-Pakhtoonkhwah. That would be tragic if it happens at the climax of a standoff with India. Pakistan would be fighting its own citizens in FATA, Balochistan, Khyber-Pakhtoonkhwah as well as with the Afghan Taliban and India. You dont have to be a strategist to visualize what the outcome of this war on all fronts be for Pakistan. The suggestion put forward by some intellectuals that we fight alongside the US forces in North Waziristan is not only naive but suicidal. It is naive to the point of madness because the US has always ditched us through out our history yet we always look up to US for our security. The great expectations of arrival of the Seventh Naval Fleet to the rescue of Pakistan in 1971 came to nothing. Those who still look towards Washington only have to be reminded of that. Pakistan should not get involved in the Kandhar offensive, under any circumstances. The NATO is an occupying force in Afghanistan and to help a foreign invader against people of a brotherly country is immoral and unethical besides being a recipe for disaster for a Pakistan already embroiled in serious crises as a result of following US diktats. -DR SHAHIDA WIZARAT, Lahore, May 4.