In his column, 'An open letter to the PM (The Nation May 04) your columnist Ikramullah has shown his true colours. He says he cannot understand why all governments of the past have concentrated on mega dams to the exclusion of many other alternatives. He has, then, listed these alternatives, starting with small hydel projects. May I quote the former chairman WAPDA, Engineer Shamsul Mulk who said the other day about small dams that You want to go from Peshawar to Islamabad but you say you will go by tonga and not by car. Your columnist has waxed forth on how the Thar coal reserves can meet the countys total shortfall of 4000 megawatts. But he forgets the agriculture here, the back bone of Pakistan economy that absorbs 40 percent of our work force and contributes 40pc to the countrys exports. Coal would not give us any water and small dams he proposes would not give us water in the quantities we need for our agriculture. He has spent the whole column trying to avoid mention of the mega dams, particularly that of Kalabagh dam. In that, he faithfully follows the party line laid down by Benazir Bhutto. -KHURSHID ANWER, Lahore, May 4.