KARACHI (PRESS RELEASE) - The Sharif brothers are getting unnerved as the PPP has exposed their ‘black deeds’ of their tenures as Prime Minister of Pakistan and Chief Minister of Punjab, said PPP leader Sharjeel Memon in a statement here Sunday.

Monster of terrorism took thousands of lives of innocent Pakistanis during their rule; unemployment was hitting the roof and floods devastations caused havoc due to their criminal negligence, said Memon. While giving reference to the conversation between Justice (retired) Qayyum and ex-chief of Ehtisab Bureau Saifur Rehman, he said that Sharifs’ blatant indulgence in the due process of law was simply inexcusable when they were dictating the Judiciary to award exemplary punishment to the PPP leaders in the fabricated case.

It may be mentioned here that the Sunday Times, London, published the text of conversations after establishing its authenticity by British forensic experts. The fact that Sharifs had not challenged the publication of the conversation in the world-known newspaper and also they did not challenge in the Pakistani courts as well which established the authenticity of the conversation, he argued.

Memon also endorsed the views of Aitzaz Ehsan when he said before the media after the court hearing that law moved swiftly in case of the PPP as its two former Prime Ministers were disqualified whereas in Asghar Khan’s case the Apex Court had not moved to implement the judgment.

He further said that the federal investigation had not initiated enquiry despite the instructions of the Supreme Court about six months ago and no one had asked them about their complacency.

Memon said that the Sharif Brothers had no stomach to withstand the truth and instead making hue and cry to win the sympathies and also to mislead the people. But, their ‘black deeds’ and hypocrisy have been completely exposed and the people know it very well and they would pay them by inflicting electoral debacle on May 11 by casting their votes against them, he added.

He observed that their love for the people and democracy withered away the day when they fled away into exile after signing a secret deal with Pervez Musharraf and left behind the people at the mercy of the General’s dictatorship. His timidity and lack of spirit to face hardships will betray the people again if, God forbid, the country comes to the same pass.

On the contrary, Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto faced the worst of the worst dictatorship of General Ziaul Haq with courage and steadfastness but never even dropped a hint of compromising on the cause although one of them was hanged and Benazir had to live in the torturous conditions in different jails of the country, he recalled.

He said that both have become mortal in the history but Ziaul Haq had been condemned by the history for all times to come. The people of Pakistan will never hand over their destiny to those who proudly claimed that they would complete his (Ziaul Haq’s) mission.

Party concerned over RO’s attitude:

Staff reporters ads: Taking strong exception to unfair treatment being meted out to PPP election candidate for NA-225 by the returning officer for Badin district of Sindh, party leaders on Sunday urged the chief election commissioner to take notice of the excesses being committed by the election officer.

Interacting with a group of reporters at PPP Media Cell here, Raza Rabbani, Taj Haider, Waqar Mehdi and other senior PPP leaders complained that Fehmida Mirza, speaker of the outgoing National Assembly, was being harassed on flimsy grounds.

The returning officer “has sought reply from Fehmida Mirza on complaints about hosting PPP flags and playing PPP election jingles by PPP workers in the constituency. The bias of the DRO was evident from the day Mirza submitted her nomination papers”, they added.

The administration and election authorities had not taken any action despite repeated complaints, they said as they expressed concerns that polling scheme was being changed arbitrarily to favour the opponents of Fehmida Mirza.  If the speaker could be subjected to such unfair tactics, one could imagine the degree of harsh treatment being meted out to other PPP candidates, they said as they tapped into recent events wherein PPP supporters were tortured merely for playing PPP election tracks.