RHODE ISLAND: A man addicted to eating bugs has revealed he has eaten more than 5,000 species in the last 11 years.

David Gracer, 47, appeared on an episode of TLC’s My Crazy Obsession, where he admits to grazing on insects including cockroaches, fly pupa and cockroaches. The married father-of-one, from Providence, Rhode Island, keeps a constant supply of his favourite snacks in the freezer so that he never runs out, and claims people are quick to judge him. He said: “I get told that I’m crazy, or sick, or weird, and I mean that’s what it is to be in an unpopular position.

“There is this complete double standard that people have. Bugs, as long as they’re in the ocean - crabs, shrimp and lobster - are just fine to eat. Whereas if bugs are on the land, suddenly it’s all ‘Eww’.”                    –DS