Lancashire, UK-At 5ft 4in it stands taller than most children and its 30,000 calories could sustain a man for almost two weeks.

The Pie-scraper is thought to be the world’s tallest burger - incorporating 10 three-quarter pound cheeseburgers and another 11-and-a-half pounds of beef encasing pies, sausage rolls, a bacon butty, spam and spaghetti bolognese. Takeaway boss John Clarkson of the Mister Eater’s Eating Emporium in Preston, Lancashire, is the man behind the towering dish, which comes with 8.5kg of beef and is served with a side salad of lettuce. For a man adhering to the recommended 2,500 calories a day, the giant burger tower would keep him sustained for almost a fortnight. The 54-year-old, who is 5ft 6in - two inches taller than his creation - is claiming the world record for his Pie-scraper, which is on display in his shop.