London-David Beckham, author J K Rowling and boyband One Direction were among 165 donors who gave away more than £1 million each.

Overall Britain’s super-rich gave more than £2 billion of their cash to charity last year. The 13th annual philanthropy survey among those who appear on the Rich List shows that 48 donors gave more than £10 million and 20 gave more than £25 million.

The survey also shows wealthy Brits donated a record total of £2.4bn last year. The biggest givers this year are the Sainsbury family - donating more than £165 million. Roman Abramovich, the owner of Chelsea football club, is following closely behind, giving £145.9m.

The king of giving in the music world remains Sir Elton John, who has raised or given away more than £24 million last year. One Direction donated just under £2.1m - including the £600,000 they raised for an anti-bulling campaign in American schools.

John Low, chief executive of Charities Aid Foundation, said: ‘It’s very important and sends a message to a generation: that when you make money you help others.’

U2 frontman Bono worked with Sir Jonathan Ive of Apple to hold a charity auction and raised £8 for combating Aids - which the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation then matched.