ISLAMABAD - Former International Cricket Council (ICC) president Ehsan Mani believes if he had been running the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) at the time of young pacer M Amir's ban he would have tabled a resolution in ICC to reduce Amir's ban to a lesser degree.

Mani said there has been no consistency in the PCB's approaches of how to handle Amir's situation. Amir was guilty, he admitted to his guilt as well and he was punished, he told Mani said if he was running the PCB at the time of Amir's ban he would have made a case to go back to the ICC and table a resolution to reduce the ban to a lesser degree. Even the commission that banned Amir felt that five years was too much and they actually invited ICC to reconsider their own rules to see if anything could be done. But as usual the PCB leadership was weak to take this on a professional basis, he said.

Speaking of other banned players M Asif and Salman Butt, Mani said the case of Asif and Butt is different and he would not lift a finger to help them. Their cases are different as are the judgments against them. These two kept on denying all along that they were involved in corrupt practices whereas Amir admitted to his own guilt.

They fought tooth and nail and even went to the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne and lost there. Then when every door was closed for them they asked for mercy, he said. Talking about the non-participation of Pakistani players in the IPL, especially since part of it was held in UAE in front of a population with a large number of Pakistani supporters, Mani said the BCCI plays a political card. This is likely to continue for a while and the most frightening thing is that the same people who are running BCCI today are the ones who are looking to take over the reigns of the ICC as well, he said.