The recent report published in the press states that World Bank has declined to fund Bhasha Dam for the next five years i.e. up to 2019. This puts us back to square one along with Kalabagh dam. The nation has been led up the garden path by dangling Bhasha dam like a carrot since 2006, when the first so called ground breaking was done, and now we are told it is dependent on getting an N.O.C. from India. Like the old saying “there would be neither be nine maunds of oil nor would Radha dance”.

The people of Pakistan have been fooled and dust has been thrown in their eyes by keeping KBD on the back burner and now hopes for Bhasha dam have also been dashed. There is a report in the National Geographic Journal of May 2014 that a ‘Handmade Dam’ was constructed in India by 125,000 workers in 1972, on India’s Krishna River, without any imported machinery and simply by man power and pure muscle. The Dam was named Nagarjuna Sagar and is 407 feet high and more than half a mile long, which is the largest masonry dam in the world. Would our benighted economists and engineers draw any lesson from the above mentioned dam and can’t we find hard working masons who can build a dam like this for us? Will anyone in the government wake up to the need of the country from their deep slumber?


Lahore, May 3.