TOBA TEK SINGH-Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat Chief Muhammad Ahmad Ludhianvi has said that amid deteriorating law and order in the country, the foreign tours of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and other ministers were not understandable.

Talking to reporters in District Press Club on Saturday, he stated that the opponents of the talks between the government and Taliban were involved in the attack on Hamid Mir. He added that the real face of the US rulers had exposed as they opposed the system of religious seminaries in Pakistan.

He hoped that that the appeal filed by his NA 89 opponent with the Supreme Court against the decision of an election tribunal in his favour would be rejected and he will again be announced as the winner of the MNA election.

Protesters tear gassed, baton charged: Police had to resort to baton-charge and firing in the air to disperse scores of people who had blocked Shorkot Road to protest against alleged attack on women by their debtor in Mubarakabad Colony.

According to police, Tanweer Maseeh had obtained Rs150,000 from Bashiran Bibi, widow of Fateh Maseeh. When she repeatedly demanded back her money, the accused trespassed her house and bashed the creditor and her relatives.

The people led by Advocate Sadaf Siddiq set tyres on fire to block the road. Meanwhile, the protesters refused to disperse till the arrest of the accused. Later, the police baton charged them and fired a round in the air. As a result, the mob dispersed.

On the other side, Awami Workers Party leader Farooq Tariq said that the elected representatives had failed to ensure the provision of justice and public amenities such as irrigation and drinkable water in the area.

Addressing a public meeting on Thursday night in Kamal Chowk, Tariq warned that if the police could not arrest the killers of slain labour Shaukat Chohan within a week, a protest movement would be launched at Toba.

MPA Muhammad Rafiq said in his speech that he tried his best for the solution to water shortage and the chief minister had also issued order to resolve it but the bureaucracy was the real hurdle in this regard.

Kissan Committee Central Chief Fateh Muhammad said that the crops had been ruined due to shortage of irrigation water.

Other speakers included Tariq Mahmood, Muhammad Zubair, Ms Nazli Javed and Malik Tariq. On the occasion, folk singer Enayat Abid presented mystic songs.