I don’t know who declared hockey as our national game considering we have seem no improvement in our hockey team while the country is going crazy over cricket and millions are spent on promoting cricket nationwide. Cricket has taken over hockey as Pakistan’s favorite sport, so why don’t we declare it our national sport? Whilst our hockey team is working hard in regaining its lost fame, cricket team members seems to be put on pedestals. It was recently announced that our national hockey team could not participate in the Asian games as there was no money to register them for the sport!

Where cricket has become the pride of the country, the prejudice towards hockey has really hurt it and made it take a back seat in both national and international levels. Lack of funding, no proper facilities, poor administration has contributed to the downfall of hockey whereas IPL, BPL, Champions league and T-20’s have given cricket surplus funds and fame. The government and the media need to put aside these biases and make some positive contribution in promoting hockey, for it is still a sport of great admiration for Pakistan.


Lahore, May 1.