Islamabad- Railways minister Khawaja Saad Rafique today lashed out at Imran Khan, terming the PTI Chief as 'Dhandli Khan.'

Speaking to journalists outside Parliament House, the federal minister said that Imran Khan was now pronounced as “Dhandli Khan” as the PTI leader had been shouting over rigging for so long.

Advising Khan not to have circus on roads, Saad suggested him to raise issues in the Parliament.

He said Khan does not believe in the judicial system and wants to take revenge from the democracy for not been elected as prime minister by the people of Pakistan.

He suggested that it would be better for Imran Khan to focus on KP government, struggling to control polio epidemic.

Railway minister also criticized Tahir ul Qadri, saying that people of Pakistan were not ready to listen to the Canadian national who wanted to implement his foreign agenda.