Begging which is a social curse is not caused by poverty. It has turned into a profession and is not only for the poor, disabled, invalidated and injured people, but is owned as a choice by many who believe that begging is a thriving business. There are more beggars in our country than perhaps in any other. They are bound in all places like public parks, gardens, market places, and streets and by lanes as well as trams, trains and buses.

Law prohibits begging but it is the duty of authorities to see that law is properly enforced or not. I would make the following measures to the government in this connection. Laws should be made in order to check street begging. Education should be made free and compulsory up to metric level. It is through education that we can teach them that begging is bad. Overpopulation, unemployment, inflation and poverty are the some causes of this social evil. The government should make efforts to control over-population by educating the people, provide jobs to the educated class for which they are suitable by nature or attainments, check price-rising and set up technical institutions in order to cope with poverty.

Our religion Islam strictly prohibits begging. To check it, it has introduced Zakat system. The government should setup industries with the money collected under Zakat where the poor people should be trained. The authorities concerned are requested to look into the matter seriously and sympathetically. They are requested to relieve us of this constant torture. A prompt step in the right direction will be highly appreciated.


Karachi, April 21.