As always, diplomatic relations among countries is to yield fruitful outcomes only if based on rational outlook. Mere sentiments and emotions have no say in the practical arena of diplomacy. Mutual benefits can be attained only when give and take is balanced on each side. Chinese President is on the visit of Pakistan. Pak-Sino ties are getting a novel upgrade from “all-wealthier friendship” to “All weather strategic cooperative partnership”. With PCEC (Pakistan China Economic Corridor) on the top of the list that contains a number of mutual projects related to various fields between Pakistan and China, the recent visit has been awaited since last September. The visit has a great significance for both the countries. Sanity must prevail as far as foreign policy is concerned. Pakistan has to develop a such a diplomatic sense that can guide towards maximum gains for the country. Good ties with China are a right step in this regard.


Lahore, April 21.