Naya Pakistan’ is Imran’s dream while ‘Asli Pakistan’ was Iqbal’s. Dr. Martin Luther king also had a dream to bring racial equality to the United States of America. Only visionaries can have big dreams and lofty ideals. Idealism of today is the realism of tomorrow. During his address in Karachi Kaptaan shared some of his earlier dreams that were realised. In his teens he dreamt about becoming a test cricketer, then the best all rounder and then to win the World Cup for his country.

When his mother was battling cancer he conceived the idea of building Shaukat Khanum Cancer Research Hospital, then came National Education Movement (NEM) followed by Namal University. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) was launched as a movement for justice on April 25, 1996 at Lahore. Only (NEM) did not see the light of day all other dreams were turned into reality by him.

Kaptaan has all the attributes of a leader. He is bold, honest, charismatic, has credibility and character. Compared to other politicians in the arena he is ahead by leaps and bounds. Most of the ills that the nation faces today are because of the inept and corrupt political leadership thrusted on the nation through ten manipulated elections. What Pakistan is longing for is another honest ballot like the one held on Dec 07, 1970 under the control and supervision of the Khakis.

Iqbal’s dream was realised by Muhammed Ali Jinnah due to sheer hard work, character and adherence to merit. The founding fathers of Pakistan had all these traits, they believed in giving not taking as has been the norm since 1958 after the first Khaki take over. Interestingly out of the four Khaki usurpers only General Yahya Khan made it to the top on merit. Messers Ayub, Zia, Musharraf all had a poor record of service and should have gone home much earlier. Till today Yahya Khan is credited for the only free and fair election in the history of the country. After a long break the Khakis under General Raheel Sharif are under honest and able leadership.

Kaptaan’s 126 days Dharna was historic in many ways. As a battle hardened marcher, I firmly believe that every long march has been effective. From Qayyum Khan’s march in October 1958 to Imran’s in August 2014 they have produced results. Nawaz Sharif has been rendered a lame duck Prime Minister (PM) who can only sign MOUs. 51 were just signed on April 20, 2015 during the visit of the Chinese President Xi Jinping. Now the screening will start. Kick backs, under hand deals, vested interests, out-dated technology, environmental considerations, violation of a laid down procedures and beneficiaries etc. will all be checked. Saif-ur-Rehman a Dubai based front man and the Ex-Chairman of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) under the previous Nawaz administration will be kept very busy. The trial of Pervaiz Musharraf under article-6 is perhaps now history like the Asghar Khan’s case against the formation of IJI.

The long awaited Judicial Commission (JC) is investigating the allegations of systematic and planned rigging in 2013 elections. Although every election since 1970 has been rigged, making it ten in a row. Yet proofs of organised rigging are being asked for. Kaptaan’s biggest contribution and perhaps the highest achievement of ‘Dharna’ will be an honest ballot in 2015. This will be the start of the realisation of Imran’s dream of ‘Naya Pakistan’ where political leaders will be elected not selected as has been happening since 1958/1985. All the selections have been poor and have not worked for the country, as if bulls entered the china shop to destroy it. The Khakis under a professional soldier are expected to support and respect the people’s mandate. Now it will be up to the voters to reject the past and start afresh. Zia/Musharraf cronies and cabinet members should be made to bite the dust for Kaptaan’s ‘Naya Pakistan’ to emerge.

As the first generation of Pakistan we were part and parcel of the journey. Our parents the founding fathers worked hard with dedication and zeal to build a new country and its vital institutions. Imran’s father Ikramullah Khan Niazi was a competent Civil Engineer and played an important role in building of Shaukat Khanum Hospital. He was not alone, there was an entire generation of honest and committed individuals who believed in merit and justice.

When the founding fathers were knocked out and merit compromised, it was the beginning of the end of Quaid’s Pakistan. Instead of elections very poor selections were done in 1958, 1977, 1999 such mistakes should not be repeated. In 1970 although the election was fair but the peoples mandate was not respected.

The founding fathers faced many challenges in building new institutions but perhaps there was tremendous learning and not much un-learning. In other words the negative energy was carried on. When Kardar led Pakistan to its first cricket victory over England in 1954 everyone was playing with spirit which is non-existent in the Pakistani political context today. Similarly, when Imran led the team in 1992 to World Cup glory, the country had four additional championships (Hockey, Squash, Snooker, Yachting). Today it has none; the givers have been replaced by takers.

Jinnah realiaed Iqbal’s dream while Imran has to realise his own. Iqbal convinced Jinnah to return from London to lead the Muslim League. ‘Naya Pakistan’ is ‘Jahan-e-Taaza’ which calls for a fresh start or ‘Afkar-e-Taaza’. With General Raheel Sharif at the helm a new beginning has been made. An honest ballot followed by credible leadership is the only way forward. For the sake of Pakistan it is time to send the so called electables and indispensables to the political graveyard where they belong, only then will Imran’s dream be realized.