A:     The Taliban just met with Afghan government representatives in Doha; seems like you’ve gotten your wish. It was hilarious to see them describe it as a ‘research conference” though – what were they researching; optimum temperature to grow poppy?

S:     Haha, I think they are the leading experts in that field already. But why do you say “you’ve gotten your wish”? Was this not your wish too, to have peace?

A:     Of course it is, all this senseless violence needs to stop, especially when it spills over to Pakistan, but I’m not too sure if I’m comfortable with sitting across the table with the same people who I know have murdered hundreds of people, directly n indirectly. I just can’t stand all the niceties and the confidence building measures that are going to be extended towards them. Back in Afghanistan they are still bombing cities and in Doha Afghan government officials and Taliban representatives share a couple of laughs over tea.

S:     Hey, no one understands your aversion to them more than I do, believe me. But peace can’t be achieved without making compromises. This is a compromise, sure, many fighters will be pardoned and their atrocities forgotten, assuming these talks bear fruit of course, but so many other atrocities will be prevented from happening.

A:     For the time being, we have no way of knowing they will stay peaceful. We are allowing their fighters, leaders and other people to return to their homes, we are even inviting them into government, who’s to say that they won’t try to impose their twisted ideology on us again.

S:     We have no grantee, I agree, but can we ever have complete surety about anything that involves human intentions? We can’t always operate with “bomb them into oblivion” as our default setting, the U.S tried that, look how far they got. Negotiating for peace is the best bet we have.