Wah Cantt - “I was shopping in a market of Kathmandu when I heard this most horrifying sound; it was like a train but came from so deep... and then finally there was stillness, complete stillness. Within seconds the ground started shaking; hotels, guesthouses, ancient religious structures, and big shopping malls started crumbling and falling like a pack of cards. I ran for my life.”

Mohammad Fasihud Din, a resident of Wah Cantonment who was present in Nepal on tourist visa at the time of horrible earthquake, narrated the horrible tale here on Tuesday. The 38-year-old Din said, “I start believing that I dodged the death. Within seconds, a pleasant environment turned into a dreaded one. When we ran towards the exit, our path was blocked as the building started to collapse. Finding no way to go out, my brain stopped functioning and I started praying to Allah because only He could save our lives and with His mercy I was able to dodge the death. All through the day, I saw people crying and running desperately for safety. I saw more than 60 people dying in front of me painfully. I was lucky to be outside the building and remain alive, thousands of others were not.”

He said that he saw people trapped under debris, awaiting to be rescued. “Those who were pulled out were bleeding badly. Some of them had their limbs broken. I saw a tourist shouting for help standing on top of the rubble. As I along with others approached to rescue him, he said that his mother and wife were trapped under the rubble. We pulled them out. They were severely injured. Soon, the police reached the spot and took them to hospital. What we see could not be defined in words.... We have no words to describe what happened at the time of earthquake and after it,” he narrated. The survivor of the deadly Nepal earthquake recounted the chaotic moments. He added that devastation was much huge than what media have so far reported, as reports keep coming in from remote areas, some of which are entirely cut off from rest of the country.

He said, “I had never seen this fury of nature. It hurt me the most to see the troubling images of thousands living in open camps in the cold and rain as they are left with no place called home. There were loud cries of those who lost their near and dear ones and widespread devastation.” After two days of hunger and sleep deprivation, he reached Pakistani embassy and he along with 94 other Pakistanis was airlifted through a C-130 aircraft of Pakistan Air Force to rejoin his family in Pakistan. “But, I can’t forget a single moment of the horror I witnessed there. The moment I close my eyes, I feel the world spinning again. The moment I close my eyes, I hear the disturbing screams of helpless and dying people. I have felt the ground shaking four times before I boarded my flight. I still feel dead. This is no less than a trauma and a permanent scar.” Din said that he selected going to Nepal on tourist visa due to many factors. The country has cheap tourism with variety of tourist activities like rifting, safari and paragliding with ancient Buddhist worship places with hospitable and kind government officials with tourist friendly natives. He said that he went there on 30 days tourist visa but due to the earthquake he came back only after ten days.

“Thank you Pakistan Air Force as today we are alive and safe because of your prompt action. Had you not reached in time, we would not have been alive,” he said thanking prompt response of Pakistani embassy and PAF.