LAHORE: The bereaved parents of two young brothers who were murdered on March 1, 2016 are losing hope to get justice as police showing no interest to arrest the killers despite the FIR was registered on the day of murder. 

According to a press statement, the brothers, Usman Arif and Asad Arif, were the bread earners of their family and used to run a shop on Brandrath Road of Lahore and were shot dead at the same place in the precincts of Nolakha police station. The killers Zain Butt and Amin Butt were their neighbors and the motive behind the murder was a petty argument in the street.

The deceased brothers were 30 and 21-year-old and were the only children of their parents, who now struggling to get justice and being heard nowhere.

Muhammad Arif, the father of deceased brothers, lamented that the killers are still free and police is doing nothing to arrest them. He appealed to Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif and higher authorities to address their pleas for justice. He said that his wife couldn’t recover the shock of her sons’ death and is on bed.