ISLAMABAD - The Ministry of Commerce has sought total Rs10.54 billion for the next financial year, 2016-2017, under the development as well as non-development expenditures.

Out of the total amount, Rs5.8 billion fall under Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) and Rs4.7 billion under the non-development budget.

According to the documents, the demand for Rs5.8 billion, under the PSDP, for the next fiscal year, is against Rs875.6 million of the outgoing year.

The ministry has proposed five new projects and one ongoing project for the year 2016-2017. The ministry has also sought Rs1.5 billion for the Expo Center Peshawar, Rs1.5 billion for the Expo Center Faislabad, Rs1.6 billion for the Export Center Quetta and Rs990 million for parking, building, security, infrastructure and services block, expo center Lahore (phase-III).

Meanwhile, Rs61.6 million have been sought for strengthening the research and analysis capabilities of the National Tariff Commission (NTC).

The ministry has sought Rs196.9 million for the purchase of equipment, furnishing, curriculum development and training for Pakistan Institute of Fashion Design (PFID) Lahore.

It has further demanded Rs4.69 billion for its non-development expenditures for the upcoming financial year, as against Rs5.1 billion for the outgoing year.

The break-up of non-development expenditures shows that Rs135 million are meant for the National Tariff Commission (NTC), Rs152 million for the main secretariat, Ministry of Commerce, Rs1.17 billion for Export Development Fund,Islamabad and Rs40 million for the Pakistan Institute of Trade and Development Islamabad.

Similarly, the ministry has also asked for Rs64 million for Trade Dispute Resolution Organization Islamabad, Rs1.1 billion for Trade Development Authority of Pakistan, Karachi, Rs1.3 million for Liaison Office Afghan Transit Trade, Chaman and Rs1.72 billion for the trade missions abroad for the next fiscal year 2016-2017.