LAHORE - The government is in no mood to bow to the opposition pressure on the Panama leaks’ probe commission.

As the opposition and the government have framed their own terms of reference (ToRs), a proposition has arisen what will happen if both the ToRs are discarded by each other.

Sources in the PML-N say the government has invited the opposition to talk, but there are no chances that the government will withdraw its ToRs sent to the CJP. The government may, however, send the opposition’s ToRs to the CJP to enable him to decide what provisions of the two merit adoption for across-the-board accountability of all the corrupt.

Law Minister Rana Sanaullah Khan yesterday said the opposition could also move its ToRs to the CJP to let him decide which one was more suitable to serve the purpose. Let the CJP play its role and decide the things, the minister told this scribe.

After the opposition refused probe into the Panama leaks by the parliamentary committee, the NAB, the FIA and the FBR, others options except the judiciary have dried up.

The opposition’s ToRs want the prime minister and his children should be probed first whereas the government’s ToRs leave it to the discretion of the CJP to hold accountability of all the corrupt.

Sources confide that the opposition demands probe into the Sharifs’ assets accumulated since 1985, which too has been left to the discretion of the CJP. They further confide that the government side is gathering material and information about corruption cases against its rivals that would be presented for probe once the CJP announces to proceed with the letter written by the government.

The government still sticks to its ToRs with no inclination to compromise on the same. In the letter, the government has not mentioned any timeframe while the opposition wants probe against the PM’s kids within 90 days with 30 days’ grace period.

Meanwhile, the government has framed a strategy to counter the opposition tirade against the PML-N leadership. After the prime minister has embarked on a fiery campaign to take the bull of the opposition by the horns, others in the ruling side at lower tiers have also come out with more lethal language against the opponents. The government ranks firmly believe the opposition leaders themselves have many skeletons in their cupboard, so they have assessed how high the rivals can jump. The government is facing pressure on the Panama leaks for the reason that the children of the premier have been directly named therein for running offshore companies with the evaded tax, so they wish to keep the situation firmly in control to plug any chance for the opposition to succeed in involving the PM with his kids in this scam. That is why they have decided to act from the front and not to leave any space for the opponents.

Parliamentary Secretary for Information Rana Muhammad Arshad told this scribe the government was not afraid at all and would not yield to pressure from the opposition on the matter. “We accepted the opposition’s demand for probe by the CJP, but it is running away from it. We are ready to face accountability this time too as we have done many times in the past and emerged successful,” he said, stressing across-the-board accountability of every corrupt person instead of singling out the Sharifs.