Libraries are backbone of education. A library that is place where students and other seekers of knowledge can study easily; but strangely these libraries and readers’ clubs do not fit in our government’s priorities. Although Hyderabad is the second largest city of Sindh, there is only one public “Allama Daudpota Library” in this city. Condition of this library is deplorable, this library is moving fast towards complete collapse with every passing day. Thousands of students come to this Library on regular basis but because of the limited number of chairs and reading facilities / infrastructure, the students have no choice but to sit in the park. The falling structure of the library lacks every kind of genuine facility, including arrangement for providing clean water for drinking. The role of libraries is very important for promotion of healthy educational environment for the students and advancement of knowledge.

I urge to government to patronize “Allama Daudpota Library” and facilitate to students in seeking knowledge for better future of the country.


HYDERABAD, March 28.