Someone may question why Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif would himself oversee the enquiry to determine how come a violent mob entered in Islamabad despite a strong presence of around 4000 police and Rangers personnel. Apparently he seems not content with the enquiry being conducted by Islamabad administration and federal interior ministry. The Police and Rangers didn’t offer any resistance and permitted the mob to reach up till D-Chowk while destroying en-route whatever was there.

We are fighting a half-hearted war against terrorism wherein an influential part of our society, be it LEAs, bureaucracy, politicians, clergy, media, educationists, students and businessmen, are siding with religious extremists of their respective sects. Even after losing more than 60,000 precious lives, we are building our narrative on half-truth.

The National Action Plan (NAP) introduced new vocabulary, now being widely used – Saholat Kar; the facilitators of terrorists. In Lahore on March 27 a madrassa teacher blew himself to kill and maim countless people including toddlers and children, and on same day another sectarian group was permitted to lay a siege around the country’ capital- we don’t need to do much effort to look for Saholatkars – they are all around us. In fact we have moved to the next stage- who is not a Saholat Kar?


Saudi Arab, March 29.