The modern life is giving a lot of importance to education than food ,clothes and shelter. Life is empty without education and money. But if you have father’s money without education you will most probably invest that in business .But if u don’t have sufficient money but proper education u can share your teaching ideas to other students to make a powerful Pakistan. At the same time you can earn money so that that can help your family. A lot of people have a wrong mentality that tuition is a poor man’s profession. But that is a wrong concept as in today’s time people are getting more than thirty thousand rupees per month on tuition. So if the talented boys or girls will focus a little bit on this topic it may help our country a lot. Today’s generation are busy in building their career in software and mostly working for foreign countries but cant we use our knowledge to teach our young generation so that they can set up their own software industries in Pakistan.


Karachi, March 28.