Balochistan is the most problematic province of Pakistan where the education system is totally pulverized and is also in a shabby condition. According to an estimate more than 1.5 million children are out of school and most of them are girls. Balochistan despite being the richest in terms of natural resources and least populated province is facing many issues; education is among them. A survey of 2015 by ASER revealed that in Balochistan more than 60 percent of class five students cannot read English book of grade 2 and, 55 percent cannot read Urdu book of class 2.

It is really miserable! It is a serious matter for us to think about. In Balochistan, the education system is in a very critical condition due to the absenteeism of teachers and lack of other fundamental requirements. Recently, a Kolahoo-based person said, “My son has a dream to be a doctor but I am very much depressed because we are impoverished and do not have resources to send our son to a private institution and the government-run-schools are out of condition.” It is an outcry of a person, he represented many others.

The government of Balochistan is obliged to safeguard the new generation. Education is the constitutional right of every Pakistani national but, regrettably, the children of Balochistan are deprived to get quality education from government-run-schools. Furthermore, if we Balochi’s want to see changes, then first we have to endeavor to make education system benedictory. The dreams of poverty-stricken children can be fulfilled when government of Balochistan wants them to live a sumptuous life and be what they want to be.


Turbat, April 14.