Education is a wealth which cannot be stolen but increases as it spreads. The Prophet Mohammed (P.B.U.H) was in favour of education for men and women, both. Education is truly a wealth but, the city Karachi is now facing problems in providing this wealth to its citizens. 

Due to increasing number of private schools, majority of the people have stopped sending their children to government schools which have a low quality of education. Private schools do provide education and much more but there is a catch to it; they provide it on a higher price making it difficult for the people to live. A common man may earn up to 50 thousand in today’s era but these schools now ask for tens of thousands, which is burdening the parents. A low income person may find it difficult for his/her child to study due to lack of money. He might even dropout his/her child from school which could lead to the decrease in literacy rate, creating problems for the future. 

Education has now become a business which is sucking the life and soul of parents in order to make profits. I want to raise the voice of the common man so it can be heard by the higher authorities and government so they can find a solution on this difficult problem. 


Karachi, April 14.