The step taken by the government in shape of amnesty scheme in order to establish economic stability in Pakistan is beyond understanding. I mean government actually giving amnesty to criminals that have undeclared assets. Is it fair? 

According to our PM this scheme allows the people to file tax return which will increase the revenue and change the economic landscapes of Pakistan. However we have seen in past that these kind of schemes failed miserably. Let see how long this will go. 

Also it would be very unfair to those who had filed tax return for the past decades with due honesty and proved their loyalty to the country. The government should introduced such scheme compensating the tax filers. In this regard, tax filers will be given amnesty in all selling and purchasing of property domestically. Two percent of their tax will be returned to them as pension. This type of efforts would be highly appreciable from the government. The official concerned should look into this matter. 


Karachi, April 16.