Every election held in the country was marred with allegations of rigging and malpractices. While the losers always blamed the winner of using unfair means or involvement of invisible forces, winners almost always boasted that their win was voice of public who had spoken in their favor. For example, in one of the polls, the late Mohtarima Benazir claimed that her party was winning during the day but lost it when the night fell. In the 2013 polls were so controversial that all parties, winners and losers, cried foul and even termed it Ros election.

The judicial commission formed after protests by PTI concluded that there was no evidence of pre-poll rigging, but the election commission committed many irregularities in violation of election laws. However, no action was taken against such irregularities. Similarly, the latest senate election has triggered a new war of words between all parties. The PMLN, which blames PTI for being unreasonable about 2013 polls is unhappy with senate elections and accuses opposition for horse trading. Other parties are also raising concerns. I wonder how we can expect good to come out of upcoming polls this year. It is collective responsibility of all political parties to mutually evolve a policy, which can diffuse differences and create a harmonious, cordial, and peaceful condition for conducting fair elections.


Islamabad, April 17.