LAHORE - Senior doctors at a seminar have expressed miraculous benefits of the recitation of Surah Rehman for the patients facing acute illness.

The seminar titled ‘Surah Rehman, The Ultimate Remedy’ was held at Allama Iqbal Medical College Auditorium Saturday.

Some of senior doctors who said they were critically ill shared their experiences about benefits of Surah Rehman.

Sharing her story, Dr Zainab said she was very arrogant and used to hate friends and family.

Her condition worsened after she gave birth to a baby boy but the recitation of Surah Rehman help her recover.

Dr Mahrukh, a cardiac specialist from Pims shared with the audience the effects of recitation of Surah Rehman by Qari Abdul Basit. She said the mortality rate can be reduced by the help of Surah Rehman therapy.

An Afghan heart patient also showed up at the moot and shared his experience with the audience.

Dr Tariq from Lums talked about science, sickness and cure, saying: “Mozart’s music lowers blood pressure and Beethoven's 5th symphony kills breast cancer cells.”

PU students by experimenting Surah Rehman on psychology patients got good results in 2017, he said.

He said that Qari Khushi Muhammad recited Qasisa Burda Sharif was also a remedy for many diseases.

He also talked about sound waves effects on rats and flies. He said that he himself recovered from a disease after he underwent this therapy while he was in Switerzerland. Dr Tariq Bangash and others also spoke.