ISLAMABAD (APP): Punjab Commission on Status of Women conducted a survey which revealed that 97.9 percent of women aged 15-64 years had not received skill development training. According to the Survey, the reasons of not being able to attend trainings were domestic responsibility, transport, financial means, spousal or male consent and burden of care. Minor reasons for not attending training included training was not useful, pregnancy and threats to safety, it added.

The percentage of women aged 20-34 years having an education of 14 grades or above and currently employed is 3.8 percent, adding that this figure is significantly lower in rural areas as compared to urban areas. Survey stressed that skills are important part of women’s grooming to play their due role in development of the country adding that skills training programs are a promising way to bring more women into the workforce.

Survey said that offering training programs is not enough as these programs failed to reach large numbers when their design is inconsistent so there is need to plan it properly to ensure women’s participation.