The old historical building Notre Dame of Paris caught fire on Monday. It was a big loss for just not France rather for all of Europe.

The half part of Notre Dame burnt and the precious and old artworks burnt along it. Meanwhile, this building was built in 1163 AD and it is a hundred years old. It is the very essential part of Paris and as every year 1 million and 30 lakhs tourists come for visiting the Notre Dame.

This building is the pride of Parisians. Further, the night when the Notre Dame caught fire the all Paris became worried about it. However, the firefighters did their best to save the cathedral, but they could not protect the half part of it. France had announced that she would be inviting the architects around the world to reshape the Notre Dame. Hence, they rebuild the Notre Dame, but cannot be capable to do the same as it was. It is a huge cultural lose for complete France.


Turbat, April 18.