BADIN  -    Badin farmers, flanked by people belonging to all walks of life, marched 17 kilometres by foot against the nagging water crisis in Badin district here the other day.

They started their march from Khalefo Qasim Town, and it ended at Tando Bago Town. The march was organised on the call of the leaders of Save Badin Action Committee, who have been on roads against the water crisis in Badin district for the past four months.

The participants, under the scorching sun, reached Tando Bago Town where they staged a protest demonstration outside local press club for two hours.

Ms. Nusrat Sahar Abbasi, the MPA of Grand Democratic Alliance (GDA), who took part in the long-march from Doda Wah Bus Stop, some seven kilometres off Tando Bago, spoke on the occasion. She lashed out at the functionaries of Sindh government for depriving the people of Badin district of their due share of irrigation water for the past nine months.

She said that it was the height of injustice that the water share of the farmers of Badin district was being diverted to the lands of influential landlords affiliated with the ruling party of Sindh.

“I raise voice in favour of the people of Badin on the floor of Sindh Assembly against water theft and water blockage, but all my demands fall on deaf ears,” she said, and adding that the PPP rulers had become so callous and indifferent.

“Instead of ensuring just distribution of water, they only divert people’s attention by blaming federal government for the mess despite the fact Sindh is getting almost due share of water,” she said.

She said that during the next session of Sindh Assembly, she would move a resolution against water crisis in Badin district and request all the members of the house to get it passed.

“I will try my best to shake conscience of rulers by raising my voice on the floor” she said, and praising the relentless struggle of farmers and growers against the worst water shortage in Badin district.

“The Sindh’s rulers instead of resolving basic issues of the people of the province are only interested in convening the sessions of Sindh Assembly to waste public money as well as the time of lawmakers,” she added and asked the leaders of the committee as well as the participants of the protest to keep mounting their pressure on the Sindh government and the officials of both irrigation and Sindh Irrigation and Drainage Authority (SIDA), who according to her, were responsible for the massive devastation caused by the terrible water shortage in the district.

Ms. Abbasi also lashed out at the PPP lawmakers from Badin district for their criminal silence on the devastation caused by artificial water shortage.

Azizullah Dero, Khalil Ahmed Bhurgari, Khuda Dino Shah, Mir Noor Ahmed Talpur, Dilber Sindhi, Nasrullah Jarwar, and other leaders of the committee also spoke on the occasion.

They demanded that the government ensure just distribution of water and remove corrupt and inefficient officials from Irrigation Department and SIDA.

They also vowed to continue peaceful struggle until the blockages and diversions in both Akram Wah and Phuleli Canals were removed.