LAHORE  -  Punjab Human Rights and Minority Affairs Minister Ejaz Alam has urged the youth to embrace toler­ance and give respect to each other’s point of views to make a tolerant society.

He was addressing at summit on ‘Role of Youth in Peaceful Coexistence’ organized by Ministry of Hu­man Rights and Minority Affairs Punjab and Youth Development Foundation at PILAC on Sunday.

Ejaz Alam said: “Youth is the future of Pakistan and PTI believes in social harmony and equal citi­zenship in the country. Our government promotes peace and interfaith harmony among different school of thoughts.” He said it was a need of hour to in­crease interaction among different ethnic and religious identities. Such exchanges can remove their mispercep­tions among each other. More than 250 people includ­ing students from different universities and madaris, volunteers, social activists, religious leaders and rep­resentatives of civil society participated.

“Educational institutions in Pakistan function under three separate systems – public, private and madrasas. The difference in understanding of alumni from all these institutions is one of the main reasons of persecution and intolerance. This project brings all the schools of thoughts at one platform so that they can interact with each other,” said Executive Director YDF Shahid Rehmat said. Peace activist Karamat Jameel said: “We are trying to fill this gap by bringing together students from differ­ent backgrounds on one platform and encourage them to work together for fostering harmony in the society.” PILAC DG Sughra Sadaf said effective working with the youth can bring positive results and society can lead to­wards a vibrant, tolerant and pluralistic society.

She said extremism can be defeated by promot­ing Sufism in the country. Salman Abid, Ismail Khan, Mumtaz Hussain, Peter Jacob, Mujahid Abbas Gar­dezi, Badar Munir, Raza Sohail, Mirza Abdul Qa­yyum also addressed on the occasion.