ISLAMABAD : Islamabad Wildlife Management Board has suggested starting charging visitors of Margalla Hills National Park to overcome shortage of resources.

Margalla hills accommodate a large number of nature lovers and hikers and this step will help generate revenue for preserving the beauty of eye catching sites, IWMB Assistant Director Sakhawat Ali said.

He said that it was proposed in the Board meeting to put a certain price like Rs5 to Rs10 for entering the national park.

“It has been obvious that despite the budget of Rs16 million provided to IWMB, it has become difficult for the board to manage over 17,000 hectors’ huge national park. The entry tickets will help the board generate supporting income source which will ultimately help to provide best facilities to the citizens coming to the park,” he added.

The IWMB is managing the MHNP within available limited resources whereas some donors are also sending financial assistance in the Board’s private account.

The government is also giving some funds to the Board which is moving the cogs of IWMB management, he added.

Sakhawat mentioned that it was a holistic plan which also included the provision to impose toll on the cars entering the MHNP through Daman-e-Koh as automobiles were already consuming the oxygen of the environment.

The commuters should have to pay some price for oxygen consumption which would help to restore and maintain the park, he added.

There, he said, had been various complaints by park visitors and tourists regarding misconduct on the part of irrelevant people coming to the park which was regrettable.

“If you make something free, it gets accessible to everyone including the nuisance kind of people who have no respect for environment and ecology. They really disappoint nature enthusiast approaching the MHNP to revive their spirit and love for nature and wildlife,” he added.

The Assistant Director said that unless the Board tries to generate income, it will be difficult to provide quality services and facilities at the MHNP, adding that ‘the ticket idea will help to improve the financial issues of the Board”.