ISLAMABAD  -    Islamabad police arrested 4,293 outlaws and recovered looted valuables worth more than Rs281 million from them in the first 4 months of the ongoing year, according to the police officials.

They said that a significant reduction in crime rate had also been witnessed during the period. Few days earlier, the ICT police claimed overall 35 per cent reduction in crime rate in the city.

According to the statistics, the police traced 158 robbery cases and 310 persons were arrested in this connection besides recovery of looted items including gold ornaments worth Rs26.9 million from them.

The police also nabbed 276 culprits involved in 182 cases of street crime and theft, while looted items worth Rs87 million were recovered from them. As many as 94 persons were held for their involvement in 117 cases of car tampering and theft while 124 vehicles worth around Rs110 million were also recovered from them.

Likewise, the police also held 77 bike lifters besides recovery of 78 bikes from them. They also arrested 631 absconders during the period including 301 proclaimed offenders and 330 court absconders who were wanted to the police in cases of murder, attempt to murder, robbery and other crimes, according to the police.

Moreover, the police held 614 accused for their involvement in bootlegging and drug-peddling activities. The police recovered 220 kilograms of hashish, 20 kilograms of heroin, 6.4 kilograms of opium, 1.3 gram ice, 11 grams of cocaine and 6616 bottles of wines from the accused. The police also launched a special crackdown against those involved in supplying drugs at educational institutions and nabbed 7 persons. A total of 5.4 kilograms of hashish and 325 grams of heroin were recovered from them.

The police also arrested 309 persons for having illegal weapons and recovered 19 Kalashnikov rifles, six carbines, 22 daggers, 275 pistols and 6,167 live rounds from them. Eight blind murders cases were also traced and 16 persons involved in these cases were nabbed during the period, according to the data.

The police also nabbed 49 persons red handed as they were planning to commit robberies. As many as 14 foreigners who were residing illegally in the country were also arrested under the Foreigners Act.

One hundred and five culprits were held for involvement in aerial firing and 44 cases were registered against them.

Furthermore, the police nabbed 93 gamblers and 17 cases were registered against them while 42 persons were arrested for their involvement in ‘sheesha’ smoking and 13 cases were registered against them.

The police also arrested 895 suspects during various search operations conducted by Islamabad police along with personnel of the law-enforcement agencies.

As many as 415 persons were arrested under section 188 PPC while two persons were arrested for having fake currency and 78 persons were arrested for their alleged involvement in immoral activities, according to the officials.