ISLAMABAD  -   Pakistan Railways has generated Rs 39.010 billion up to March 2019 which was Rs3.706 billion more than the previous financial year during the same period by winning the confidence of the passengers.

Pakistan Railways has suffered no losses during the current financial year due to dedicated efforts of the present government and employees of the organisation, an official in the Ministry of Railways told APP.

During the last financial year (2018), the official said Pakistan Railways has earned Rs.35.304 billion.

He said Pakistan Railways has taken several steps to improve financial position of the department and started 24 new trains with the same rolling stock and human resource. 

Introduction of trains tracking system has contributed in reducing the fuel consumption by 1.5 million litres, he added.

To a question, the official said at present Pakistan Railways owned 460 diesel electric locomotives, out of which, 325 were functional while 135 were non- functional.

Out of 135 non-functional locomotives, he said 69 Chinese locomotives were requiring heavy repairs due to various design defects and the department has planned to undertake rehabilitation/modernization of these locomotives which was under process with Chinese and Turkish Railways.

He said four locomotives were under condemnation process in light of condemnation plan and these engines were over aged and rendered their service more than 32 to 50 years against the economical life of 20 years.

The official said seven locomotives met with accidents on various dates, fabrication work and procurement of spares was under process and these engines would be in operation after the completion of work.

He said 55 engines were under normal maintenance, periodical maintenance schedules which was regular feature and the diesel electric locomotives would be rolled out after repair turn by turn.