In Pakistan, sex education is taboo it is our belief talking about birds and the bees with children to make them immoral. Nevertheless, the comprehensive study of birds and the bees familiarize children and adolescents about Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), unintended pregnancies, and human embryo as well as about their body parts. Sex Ed should be included in schools curriculum to overcome the rampant rate of child sexual abuse, rape cases, and STDs.

According to the minister of human rights, Mumtaz Ahmed Tarar 17,862 cases of child sexual abuse were reported lately. Whereas in 2017” report released 3,445 children faced sexually abused. According to Sahil’s annual report, nine children were daily sexual abused in Pakistan. These cases increased by 11 percent in the year 2018 as compared to 2017.

There is a no magic wand to ward off our children from these sex maniac pedophiles in this barbaric society other than to put sex-Ed in our school’s curriculum to provide them proper guidance regarding human anatomy, unwanted pregnancies, and unsafe sex to protect ourselves from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

This will only happen when every parent comes up forward regarding this issue. Parents must not feel shame while talking about birds and bees with their children eventually they have to learn about it. It is better to give them comprehensive knowledge about birds and the bees in early ages so they may take protective measures to defend every dilemma before going to have happened horrific tragedy with them in ongoing life. “Knowledge does not come but you have to go through it”, said by Imam Malik Ibn Anas.

In Islamic countries, talking about birds and the bees is taboo because of moral norms and ethical conduct of men. In contrast, comprehensive sex-Ed does not instigate child to have sex other than to keep away adolescents from sexually transmitted diseases, abuse, and unintended pregnancies.

In the world of internet, many children expose themselves to X-rated materials at an early age than the adult thing. Whereas 94 percent of kids at age 14, start watching porn. Children are into illicit sexual activities, depression, anxiety, gloominess, and social isolation. According to B.F Skinner a proponent of behaviorism theory he said, “give me a child I will shape him into anything.” According to a behaviorist, children can acquire knowledge from the external environment.

It is mandatory on parents and teachers to give them full knowledge about birds and the bees’ not in secret box because half of knowledge is more dangerous than ignorance. Because of half knowledge about birds and the bees, many adolescents go for anal sex and several STDs infect oral sex rather than vaginal sex because of them. According to a survey around 132,000 patients of HIV/AIDS are suffered in Pakistan whereas is 4.2 million women in Pakistan experience unintended pregnancies this because of ignorance and unawareness about sex.

In Naya Pakistan, the government should make comprehensive sex Ed mandatory as well as revamp teaching standard and curriculums at schools and colleges.


Khairpur Mir’s, April 18.