ISLAMABAD  -  Punjab Commission on Status of Women conducted a survey which revealed that in Punjab the Labour Force Participation rate of women is low as it is comprised of only 36.3 percent.

According to the survey women’s labour force participation faces specific barriers, 24.9 percent in urban areas of Punjab whereas 43.4 percent of women in rural areas were in labour force.

The survey finds that the majority of women aged 15-64 years in the Punjab cite at least one factor which is barrier to their working.

This percentage is slightly lower in rural areas of the Punjab as compared to urban areas.

The most quoted barrier was lack of qualification followed by lack of appropriate job opportunities and domestic work care responsibilities.

Punjab has the high rate of unpaid women workers with percentage of 45 where as home based workers were concerned, they were 19 percent, it added.  Women, in vulnerable employment were 66 per cent with 77 percent of women who were earning below minimum wages in Punjab.

Survey says that women employment were highly found with non contractual status with 84 percent.                                               

Survey stressed that there is need to Increase female entrepreneurship which can lead to higher female labor force participation directly and indirectly and in the short and long term. Increasing woman’s labor force participation is important to sustainable economic development, especially in economies with highly educated women.                                   

The private sector also has a part to play in encouraging more women to remain in the work force, adding that business communities and society as a whole should be open to creating more flexible work environments and to boost female representation in management, it said.