LAHORE - Punjab Governor Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar Tuesday said that government’s plans to further easing lockdown restrictions aimed only at mitigating the miseries of poor and daily wage earners.

Speaking at the inaugural ceremony of Water Filtration Plant installed by the Sarwar Foundation at Lahore Press Club here, the Governor said that though the existing lockdown period was ending on May 9, there were reports that the coronavirus infection incidences might rise.

“War against coronavirus cannot be won on roads but by staying back at homes,” the Governor maintained. He said hunger had also started posing as a big threat to the well-being of people in the country.

Governor Punjab said that the government had introduced “smart lockdown” to save the business community and small-scale traders from further economic meltdown.

Governer says war against coronavirus cannot be won on roads but by staying at homes

He stressed that easing of restrictions of lockdown must not be considered that the coronavirus pandemic had subsided.

He said masses’ unmindful movement on roads, bazaars and streets would massively increase the threat of coronavirus spread. “The government and doctors are urging masses to stay at home and don’t go out and bring coronavirus home to infect their families,” he warned.

Replying to a question, the Governor said hundreds and thousands of people were facing life threat in the wake of coronavirus and on the other hand country facing serious economic crisis.

In these hard times, he said, the nation would not forgive those trying to give them lollypops and held them accountable at appropriate time. He said the government had taken elaborate measures to offer financial assistance to the poor masses but the government alone could not defeat coronavirus pandemic single handedly.

He said the poor were being provided ration through the Rescue-1122. He stressed that people should change their attitudes, stay home and help the needy around them. Talking about 18th Amendment, Ch Sarwar said all provinces were exercising their autonomy and the issue of amending the constitution had not been raised at any forum including Parliament as yet.

Stating that the coronavirus pandemic had also affected clean drinking project – “Punjab Aab-e-Pak Authority”, the Governor said that he would still fulfill his promise of providing clean drinking water to people across the province.

On this occasion, Sarwar Foundation’s Vice-Chairperson Begum Perveen Sarwar said that she was happy they could get a filtration plant installed in LPC so that media persons could drink safe potable water. She said people of Punjab would soon be able to get clean drinking water and they would protect themselves from various diseases

Sarwar Foundation’s Vice-Chairperson Begum Perveen Sarwar, LPC President Arshad Ansari, Secretary Babar Dogar, Vice-President Qazzafi Butt, Governing Body Members Shahid Chaudhry and Javed Farooqi were present at the inauguration ceremony.