Islamabad-Apple and Google have provided the first insight into what eventual coronavirus exposure apps might look like. As reported, the tech companies have provided samples of what eventual app interface systems could look like though they won’t be developing the apps themselves. Specifically, the samples, which also include examples of code, are intended to show developers how notification systems using Google and Apple’s application programming interface (APIs) would look. The designs are also meant to be jumping off points for developers working on behalf of public health agencies and governments to make apps that notify people when they’ve come in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19. To that end, Google and Apple also announced that they would ban the use of location tracking for apps that use its APIs to notify people they’ve come in contact with an infected person. The companies also mandate that apps make sharing a positive diagnosis opt-in and used only by governments for the purpose of tracking the spread of COVID-19. Currently, the system uses bluetooth signals from phones to detect encounters and does not use or store GPS location data.