KARACHI - Spokesperson of Sindh Government and Advisor for Law, Environment & Coastal Development Barrister Murtaza Wahab said that the Sindh Government had taken timely decisions to curb the spread of coronavirus, increasing the number of daily corona tests. Established the country’s largest testing laboratory in Karachi with a daily testing capacity of 800 which has been decided to be increased to 2400 to deal with corona, it is necessary to create awareness among people to maintain Social distance, wearing masks and staying at home.

The government is offering 90% free corona test. Call the government helpline and get tested at home, he added. Barrister Murtaza Wahab expressed regret over the martyrdom of Dr Furqan and said that Sindh Chief Minister had ordered an inquiry into the matter. The report would be released on Wednesday. He also said Sindh government had decided to purchase 250 disposable ventilators, while the provincial health department had decided to buy 163 ventilators. He told that by demonstrating unity, govt will have to deal with this global epidemic.

He was addressing a press conference at Sindh Assembly Auditorium on Tuesday. He went on saying that opponents did not like the steps and praise of Sindh government. On February 26, when the first case was reported, the Sindh Government formed a task force. The government has a three-pronged strategy. Tracing, testing and treatment is the strategy of the Sindh government. Doctors deployed for screening at Karachi airport for 64,000 people in Sindh The whole world know how things went wrong at the Taftan border at the airport. 1388 visitors from Taftan have recovered and gone home. He said that 5102 brothers of Tableeghi Jamaat had been Quarantined all over the Sindh. 4355 Brothers of Tabeeghi Jamaat had also been reported negative.

Barrister Murtaza Wahab while referring to the initiatives of Sindh Government said that there were 13 corona testing laboratories in Sindh and 4800 corona tests could be done daily in Sindh. “We are going to increase the capacity of corona test. The largest corona testing laboratory in the country is located at Karachi University. The Sindh government has decided to increase the capacity of Karachi University Corona Laboratory to 2400 per day,” he explained.

The Chief Minister has released funds in this regard. The test is free. Government believe in practical steps and do not want to respond to criticism but respond to opponents with respect for the accuracy of the record. He said that there were 283 ventilators in government hospitals in Sindh. On letters The Sindh government had decided to buy 250 disposable ventilators. The Sindh health department had decided to buy 163 ventilators. He said that it was unfortunate that Dr. Furqan passed away. Citizens were requested to contact the Health Department Helpline on corona symptoms. The Health Department team would reach home for testing.

He said that isolation facility was available at Civil Hospital, Jinnah Hospital and Gadap Hospital. Isolation of 1200 beds were available in Expo Center. Isolation centers were being set up in PAF Museum and in every district of Sindh. Isolation center of three sub-beds has been activated in Hyderabad. The cause of death of Dr. Furqan is not lack of ventilators. It will be clear that he does not want to waste time responding to the criticism of PTI members.

He said that the Federal Government did not provide any funds to Sindh. If the PTI had agreed to maintain our social distance, the situation would have been different. He said that there was no cut in the health budget, health is the first priority of the Sindh government. There is no shortage of corona testing capacity. Due to the negative campaign, people are now afraid to undergo corona test. It is necessary to understand that corona patients should not be hated. People need to be evacuated out of fear. The lockdown was initiated by the Sindh Government. The Federal government and others followed the example of Sindh. Now the Federal government had extended the lockdown till May 9. The Sindh government had spent Rs 1.8 billion on rations and rations had been distributed to 498,000 families. The people of Sindh had sided with their government in difficult decisions.

 He prayed for speedy recovery of all corona patients including Sindh Governor Imran Ismail, MMA Assembly member Abdul Rashid and his family. Murtaza Wahab said that the Sindh government had never promised two million ration bags. Negative propaganda was spread. The Sindh government was paying attention to the health of the people. At present, a lockdown had been decided till May 9. The people of Sindh were grateful for their full support and they look at the leadership. The Prime Minister has nothing to do with poverty; hunger. The Prime Minister has his own instructions. Keeping social distance is not followed by the friends of PTI. The money received for NFC award has also been cut. Provincial Minister Shabir Bijarani said that 13 cases of local migration had been reported in Kashmore district. Eight members of the same family in Kashmore have reported corona. The reason for the local relocation cases is that the instructions of the medical experts were not followed. To defeat corona, we have to follow the instructions of the medical experts. To a question, he said that the traders were our brothers and government is also worried about their business. The government will continue to make better decisions in consultation.