This is not the time to debate whether the coronavirus pandemic is a natural calamity or manmade disaster. It will, however, be appropriate to conduct a research study on the birth and causes of the virus along with current efforts for preparation of a vaccine in various laboratories. Was global warming also a factor in the growth of coronavirus? The world has turned into a global village and frequent travelling added in the speedy spread of the pandemic all over the globe. It is like a universal truth and fact that no military might, sophisticated weaponry, electronic devices, scientific and technological advancement could stop spreading of the virus. It portrays the picture of ‘Powerlessness of the Powerful’. The medical professionals are front line soldiers in the war against coronavirus. They are performing a sacred duty for saving human lives.

Let us see as to what lesson the masses and especially the Intelligentsia learnt from this unprecedented disaster in history. Will the warlords and warmongers continue to dance on the same tune of the trumpeter or change this behaviour at the end? The pandemic of coronavirus has affected human beings irrespective of their belief, colour, religion, caste or creed. The entire mankind is suffering from the virus and as a result thereof hundreds and thousands of persons are dead in almost all parts of the world.

The human being is a social creature but has to maintain social distancing in the prevailing circumstances. It is somewhat an irony of fate that at this crucial juncture of history, the greedy leadership of some countries are still banked upon to usurp the political and human rights of the people. India and Israel are brutal examples of expansionism and exploitation. The states have to open their societies in respect of civil liberties. The time is not so far when mankind will raise high the banner of pious resistance and ethereal notion of irredentism against colonialism and ever new patterns of imperialism.

It seems that after the pandemic, there will be a new and changed world. Hopefully, human behaviour will translate into piety and kindness instead of massacre, genocide, hatred, cruelty and abuse of power. Let us hope for the best. Here I recall the words of renowned lady intellectual Mrs Sarojni Naidu who said in the last century: “More things are wrought by prayers than this world dreams of”.