The blissful month has arrived. People are going to mosques to perform salah but it is not recommended during Covid-19. It is wise to stay indoors. We have seen widely in the news that the death toll of coronavirus is rising with every passing second. We are well aware of the current situation in Pakistan with death rates being displayed daily on social media sites and on news channels. The hype about the deaths is shown more than the recoveries. Indeed the situation is critical but giving hope to people by showing the recoveries would be more appreciated as they will also understand that the steps taken by the government including the lockdown and quarantining are reasonable decisions. The hope will make the people sit at home and not break the laws as it is for their wellbeing only.

The fast spread of Coronavirus in Punjab is due to the nonseriousness of the public. They are still taking it lightly and not following precautionary measures like regular washing of hands, using sanitizer, wearing surgical masks and avoidance of social meet-ups. In this regard, the Punjab Food Authority has to be appreciated as during this crucial time as well, they are coming out to help us and following all the SOP’s with providing the right information to the masses.

Government has appealed the masses to confine themselves to their homes. But still, people can be seen roaming around on the streets, markets and crowds can be spotted everywhere in the province despite prohibition. No such activity should be entertained, a lockdown is supposed to be respected as everyone’s life is at stake, including those who are working at the front line.