KARACHI - Commissioner Karachi Division on Tuesday issued Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for the bicycle riders following the increasing trend cycling in the city.

The violation of SOPs make the bicycle riders liable to be prosecuted under the relevant traffic laws, said a news release.

According to the SOPs, bicycle riders have been asked to ensure installation of reflectors at front and rare of the cycle besides to wear something that makes them visible while riding during night time, that could be bright colors, something on clothes that reflects light etc.

The riders should not be wearing headsets to ensure that they can hear traffic and avoid dangerous situation.

The bicycle riders must maintain social distancing if riding in a group. Riders must ensure that brakes of the cycle are working and inflate tires properly.

Riders must wear properly fitted bicycle helmet to protect their heads and to save life. Bicycle riders must avoid road hazards such as potholes, broken glass, gravels, puddles, leaves and animals, as all these can cause a crash.