PPP leadership is out to divide PML-N by sowing seeds of distrust against Chaudhry Nisar Ali. PPP is also taking the rather queer stance that the FIR of Benazir Bhutto's murder should be filed by PML-N instead of the ruling party itself. As PPP won the election because of her martyrdom, people expect the PPP to do its bounden duty of pursuing the murder case of their slain leader. PPP is showing the same sort of myopism in setting its priorities of national governance. The country has had no finance minister for eight months, a lapse that has allowed the economy to go in a free fall. The other ministerial positions have also been vacant for the same period. The saddest story of their failures, though, is the electricity management in the PPP rule. In nine months, PPP's performance on economy, law and order, national security has been abysmal. Our sovereignty has been blown to smithereens by regular US incursions inside our borders on which the government usually acts sheepish. PPP is not trusted at all within the polity because of its record of broken pledges. The economy is in a tailspin because dollars are flying out by the planeloads depleting value of the rupee everyday. Factories are closed, exports stagnant, crops dwindling and businesses sickly. Blaming previous government for everything gone wrong will not rescue PPP from the charge of dereliction of duty. -H. SHAH, Jhang, via e-mail, October 25.